About Us

Our Mission

We want to be the best basketball camp in upstate New York. We cater for boys and girls ages 5-18 that are interested in basketball. Our objective is to help our campers to be better persons through teaching them how to play competitive basketball.

Our program is designed to teach kids how to follow-through with their goals and be the best that they can be. We strive to accomplish this by cultivating their self-esteem, confidence, disciplines and skills necessary for high school and college level competition. We want our campers to appreciate what they have learned from attending our camp both “on and off the basketball court”.

Simply stated, our mission is to “strengthen our campers’ life skills through teaching them how to play basketball”

Our Values

We believe that for a person to succeed in life, he/she must:

1. Establish clear and persistent goals and objectives
2. Understand the importance of hard work
3. Respect the wisdom of mentors
4. Follow instructions from leaders
5. Appreciate the power of team work
6. Have conviction and self confidence

Through learning how to play competitive basketball, we want to teach our campers these values. To us, our campers being good in basketball is not the end objective but a means to build character. Our ultimate satisfaction comes from knowing that our campers have enhanced their learning skills, their respect for authority, their appreciation of teamwork, and their readiness for life’s challenges.

Our Coaches

We believe to be a good basketball coach, the person must be a good basketball player, understands the rules of the game, had been in the trenches, command the respect of the players, and is a good communicator. However, we want our coaches to be all these and more.

In our recruitment efforts, we look to combine college and high school staff with current and former college players who are also model citizens, well educated; have strong personal, family and social values; and possess the credentials to be mentors.

Since the founding of our camp, we have successfully built a team of basketball coaches who are the best of the best. Most of them have been with us for years. They believe in our mission and they want to contribute towards our cause.


We want to bring our camp’s values to as many kids as possible regardless of their parents’ ability to pay. To this end, we partner with the Fast Break Fund to offer financial assistance to kids who might not otherwise have the chance to participate in our basketball camp.

Would you like to send a kid to camp?

Contributors to this not-for-profit fund include corporations and individuals, and contributions can be made in the form of cash donations and/or time. Each donation is matched to a named camper. The contributor has the opportunity to meet and watch the kid being supported play.  All administrative costs for Fast Break are paid by an outside source the full amount will go to the children.


Would you like to apply for a scholarship?

The scholarships are awarded on a need basis, based on a family’s annual income. For more information on how to obtain a scholarship to the Follow Thru Basketball Camp, ¬†please contact Don Juron at 518-852-5376 or Djuron24@gmail.com.